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May 10, 2015 - 5 minute read - Comments - Influenza

Resources for Influenza Research

Today I made a list of resources for influenza research. I will keep updating this list as my influenza research goes further. The up-to-date version can be found on my github.


Topics and Keywords

  • Influenza | Flu
  • Pandemic (Antigenic Shift) vs. Epidemic (Antigenic Drift)
  • Epidemiology of Influenza
  • Modeling Influenza
    • Transmission
    • Forecasting
  • Surveillence of Influenza
  • Ecology of Influenza
  • Evolution of Influenza

Infectious Diseases Epidemiology


Modeling Infectious Diseases


Review Papers

Ecology and Evolution of Influenza


  • Webster, R. G., Monto, A. S., Braciale, T. J., & Lamb, R. A. (2014). Textbook of Influenza. John Wiley & Sons.

Review Papers

Seasonality of Influenza

Review Papers

Dynamics of Influenza

Influenza Transmission

Classical Paper

Influenza Forecasting

Review Papers

Digital Detection of Influenza

Review Paper

  • Salathe, M., Bengtsson, L., Bodnar, T. J., Brewer, D. D., Brownstein, J. S., Buckee, C., … & Vespignani, A. (2012). Digital Epidemiology. PLoS computational biology, 8(7), e1002616.

Classical Paper


  • Google Flu Trends: using aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity.
  • HealthMap: flu & Ebola map | virus & contagious disease surveillence.

Databases for Influenza Research

Workshops and Conferences


Massive open online courses

  • Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases: a course provided by the Pennsylvania State University discusses about the dynamics of Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Measles - how they emerge, how they spread around the globe, and how they can best be controlled.

  • Epidemics: a course provided by the University of Hong Kong covers these four topics: origins of novel pathogens; analysis of the spread of infectious diseases; medical and public health countermeasures to prevent and control epidemics; panel discussions involving leading public health experts with deep frontline experiences to share their views on risk communication, crisis management, ethics and public trust in the context of infectious disease control.


Your contributions are always welcome!

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